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Democracy at Large

Published September 07, 2020

Edited September 07, 2020

Photo from Lydia Graham's 2017 FaceBook post. Graphics compiled by me.

Are you afraid to call this president a fascist or authoritarian because of being ostracized from your community? Maybe you’ll be labeled un-American. You are not alone, and it’s because our democracy is failing. Here’s an urgent wake up call from a journalist whose parents fled fascism seeking a better life in America. They know the signs better than most of us silent Netflix watchers.

We must call it like it is or risk loosing our democracy. I realize the Republican party has already called out the left as authoritarian because they are the masters of projection. They’re generally one step ahead and are willing to use this language against their opponents before their opponents have a chance to call them out. This is nothing new, and they’re better at this political game than most.

This isn’t about left versus right, good cop/bad cop, donkeys or elephants. It’s a matter of defending our right to be free, have a voice, and not live in fear of being disappeared, tortured, or murdered. If you can’t conceive of this happening in America, then you’re likely in a privileged class of citizenship which has been on a sliding scale for people of color since this country’s inception.

As we celebrate the difficult solidarity movements of labor who fought and died for a forty-hour work week, the right to strike, and an end to child labor, remember they too were not embraced by the two party system. They were certainly labeled un-American for their courageous rebellion to put their tired bodies on the line for what they knew was right. I’m praying we can continue the fight to push our country towards democracy for all and away from privilege for the few.


Written by a pandimensional loop oddity existing in the Multiverse otherwise know as a Phil Mill phenomena who lives and works in United States creating. Follow @philmillme on Twitter

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