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Vote Biden 2020?

Published August 18, 2020

Edited May 17, 2022


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A Context in Brief

There’s lots of talk around the 2020 presidential election coming up. When I say talk, specifically I’m seeing pleas for Biden and questions around how his running mate will fair. I see the dread of our collective futures with another four years run by POTUS 45 and rightly so. The media fires shots at the other side never to point the gun at their own political failings. There’s also some debate whether to withhold leftist votes altogether and let the Democrats fail yet again. As for the right, I do hear a tiny voice of reason which wants conservatism, but not the kind currently in office.

As a radical, I have little faith in electoral politics. A vote for either of these disgraceful hollow talking heads is a vote for more of the same endless wars. Is one worse than the other, I really believe it depends on which side of the gun you are on and how many family members you’ve lost to American imperialism. In the states, it depends on your class status, money in the bank, and the color of your skin. While canvasing for Bernie I met people who had never voted, ever for any reason. To them policy doesn’t affect their lives. They are the forgotten.

My vote will probably not get me a job or a home or help me through school or prevent another Vietnam or a third world war, but it may keep me here long enough for me to see, and use, the turning of the tide - for the tide has got to turn. And … if Carter is reelected, it will be by means of the black vote, and it will not be a vote for Carter. It will be a coldly calculated risk, a means of buying time.

Notes on the House of Bondage - James Baldwin 1980

Votes and Actions

Will I vote for Biden, absolutely yes. But that’s the least anyone can do in 2020. We cannot afford to put aside criticism for the laughable democracy we’ve inherited and let rot. We cannot forget the Democratic party has not been the party of the people for generations now. I don’t blame anyone for not voting big D in 2020. By continuing to vote for the “lesser of two evils” we remove all political leverage we have as voters against this plutocracy. I do vow to put my body in the streets until we have equity in justice and health care is a universal right. I can only hope that the majority of Biden supporters will do the same.

Joe Biden, a shallow, political hack devoid of fixed beliefs or intellectual depth, is an expression of the nostalgia of a ruling class that yearns to return to the pantomime of democracy. They want to restore the decorum and civic religion that makes the presidency a form of monarchy and sacralizes the organs of state power. Donald Trump’s vulgarity and ineptitude is an embarrassment to the architects of empire. He has ripped back the veil that covered our failed democracy. But no matter how hard the elites try this veil cannot be restored. The mask is off. The façade is gone. Biden cannot bring it back.

Quote from a recent Chris Hedges Sheerpost article.


There is no going back now. The lie that is American innocence and exceptionalism has been exposed so blatantly by this Neo-liberal symptom we call Trump coupled with a pandemic, and the beginnings of run away climate change have set in motion a drastic turning of the tide. This can be for the betterment of all or a long dark night. It’s up to us through direct action and mutual aid to make change to suit our needs.

Phil Mill

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